The society was founded in 2013. It promotes aesthetic surgery and medicine.Dr. Sotiris Tsioumas is the president of society.The Aesthetic Medicine ,comprising restoring the harmony of the facial features and the body and reduce the aging indications. In this sector includes all techniques and non-invasive, which can reduce the signs of age, but also to optimize the form of your specific facial characteristic. The current developments in the field of Aesthetic Medicine we enable you to avoid surgery and perform the desired option, not only by choice, and sorting. With proper guidance and advice of the doctor, we are able to choose one of the many non-invasive aesthetic applications. The bloodless surgery is a new field of aesthetic medicine with the founder Prof Giorgio Fippi Roma Italia. With bloodless surgery there is no bleeding, stitches, patches, gauze, surgical rooms or side effects of surgery and of various materials.The machines used for bloodless surgery is the Plexr the OFF and Vibrance .