Facial resurfacing & rejuvenation

It involves a number of surgical and non-surgical procedures. These surgeries are done to improve the aesthetic appearance of the face. Facial surgery is done to restore facial features to their previous youthful appearance or to treat any sort of facial injuries. Face lift is the most widely done procedure. These procedures include derma filler neurotoxins and fat injections can be used for volume enhancement, wrinkle and fold reduction. These procedures reduce visible aging signs. Permanent makeup techniques offer long lasting results.

  • 1. Face lift
  • 2. Eyelid Surgery
  • 3. Facial Bone Countoring
  • 4. Neck Lift
  • 5. Hair Transplantation
  • 6. Face Resurfacing
  • 7. Facial re volumization
  • 8. Fat grafting-face
  • 9. Facial implants
  • 10. Forehead lift
  • 11. Blepharoplasty
  • 12. Lip enhancement
  • 13. Chin & Cheek surgery
  • 14. Ear & nose Surgery

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